Enrollment of Students

    Every student has the right to enroll prior to the opening of classes.
    A student is admitted upon presentation of the following.

    For first year students:

    > Form 138 (HS Card) for students entering college for the foirst time
    > Copy of Birth Certificate(Original Copy of New form)
    > Certificate of Good Moral Character
    > Xerox copy of Diploma


    For Transferees:

    > Certificate of Transfer Credentials from Last school attended.
    > Birth Certificate (Original Copy of New Form)
    > Certificate of Good Moral Character from last scholl attended
    > Certificate of Honorable Dismissal
    > Original Transcript of Records


Changing and Adding and Dropping of SUBJECTS


Changing of subjects is allowed up to the first week of classes. All changing, adding and dropping of subjects
should be accomplished in duplicate in the apllication form.
All changes of subject/s should be:

>Noted by the instructors concerned.
>Referred to the Academic Dean for advice and approval.
>Noted by the Registrar for action
>Noted by the Accounting Officer for adjustment of fees.

The date when the dropping/ changing is received by the aAccounting Office is the official sate of dropping or changing of subjects.
Dropping of all subjects within the semester, for (3) three
times without any valid reason, would deprive the student to re-enroll or be re-instated.


Note: A student is omly allowed to drop his subject/s before the Mid-Term Examination.



J.P.Rizal Street, Lalud
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro



Total Withdrawal of Enrollment

Any student who totally withdraws his enrollment shall make
his written withdrawal.

He also shall pay 10% of the total amount due for the term,

if he withdraws within the first week of

regular classes, regardless of whether
or not he has actually attended classes;

20% if within the second week, and in full any time after the second week.

Total withdrawal within the enrollment

period is subject to payment of registration fee

(Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, Art XIII, Sec. 66,1992).